I have enjoyed taking pictures since before I can remember. By the time I was a teenager, it was rare to see me without a camera in tow. But it wasn't until after my first child was born in 2008 that I really started taking the time to build my skills. In early 2010, I sought out a photography internship which gave me the opportunity to work first hand with two, wonderfully talented photographers. They taught me more than I can ever thank them for and jump-started my career in the photography industry. I officially launched Lydia Woosley Photography early summer of 2011, with my second child strapped to my chest in a baby carrier.  


The majority of my career as a photographer has been centered around portraits; primarily Family and Senior portraits. However, over the years my love for capturing a person's essence in the perfect light has also led me to photograph dancers, yogis, artistic nudes, boudoir, headshots, newborns, weddings, and events. That same passion crossed over into product and commercial photography when I started working for Grant Stone in March 2019.


I am very friendly, easy going, and empathetic which helps my clients relax and have fun, creating a comfortable and inviting environment for their true personality to shine.

While I usually work alone, I also love to work with teams and individuals. I enjoy assisting other artists in achieving their vision just as much as I enjoy my own work as a photographer.


I have learned a lot about myself over the course of my career. A big lesson has been to trust myself and know that I am capable of a lot more than I thought I was 14 years ago. As a mother of three children, always seeking a healthy work/life balance, the road has been far from easy. I have had to figure out how to take advice with a grain of salt and rely on my own instinct. I have failed many times and I have felt like quitting more than I would like to admit. But I love my job! It brings me joy to think that I will not stop learning new skills, in my life and in my career, until the day I die.