Lydia Woosley is Southwest Michigan’s premier personal brand and product photographer. She works with passionate individuals and companies of all sizes, taking them from startup to well established, helping them stand out and be seen with drool worthy commercial photos that captivate and compel.

As a mom of 3 incredible kids, she is no stranger to juggling work and life. In fact, when she first launched Lydia Woosley Photography, she took care of business with a baby strapped to her chest! Since then, the joy she has found in watching her own small business grow despite all obstacles makes her that much more passionate to help her clients stand out and succeed in theirs!

She is detail oriented, and is equally skilled in lighting, staging, and crafting the perfect angle to deliver results beyond expectation every time. Her clients know her to be friendly, easy going, and empathetic which helps them relax and have fun, and creates a comfortable and inviting environment for their true personality to shine.

Lydia believes that great products and great people deserve to be shown and known for their quality and excellence. She has spent the last 14 years honing her photography skills - combining artistry with strategy to help visionary brands quickly close the gap in their impact, and providing them with an ever growing library of content ready, on-brand images.